Environmental Health and Safety

Possehl Connector Services recognizes its corporate responsibility to operate a safe, healthy and environmentally compliant facility. 


  • • Our in-house water saving technologies reuse water where applicable, not only lowering our daily discharge, but reducing our deionized water consumption.

  • • Waste minimizations programs have resulted in lower operating costs and reduced hazardous waste shipments.

  • • Recycling and reuse of our resources will continue to be one of our highest priorities.

  • • Daily analysis of our wastewater ensures our commitment to meeting our permitted discharge requirements.

Health & Safety.

  • • Chemicals are common throughout the plating process. PCS is committed to providing the necessary engineering controls, employee safety programs and the appropriate personal protective equipment to keep our most valuable resource safe.

  • • Third party industrial hygiene sampling is completed on a routine basis to ensure that our engineering controls are effective.

PCS is committed to meeting the regulatory challenges that the plating industry faces today and in the future.  We recognize the importance of a strong environmental, health & safety program for our employees, customers, and citizens.

Possehl Connector Building