Chemistry Laboratory

Possehl Connector Services has laboratory technicians on duty around the clock to perform analytical tests on all process chemistry to insure our plating lines are maintained to vendor and customer specifications.

Laboratory Capabilities

Our highly skilled staff analyzes all plating solutions utilizing the following methods:

• Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy for metals & contaminants

• Gravimetric Analysis for accurate gold concentrations

• Strip Analysis for precious metals evaluation and RoHS compliance

• Titrations to determine process additions required

• Hull Cell testing for organic additive control

• Rotating Discs for hardness & purity determination

• UV-Vis for Lead-Free Organic Analysis

We maintain a strong technical relationship with all of our plating suppliers who provide PCS with the following external capabilities:

• FIB Analysis

Chemistry Process Controls:

Possehl Connector Services uses True-Chem software for process and data storage including:

• Data records for Statistical Process Control of the plating chemistries.
• Records of all chemical additions and adjustments made to each plating tank
• All pertinent technical data sheets, material safety data sheets, and analytical procedures





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