Quality Assurance

Quality control is a critical element of our processes and at Possehl Connector Service, Inc., we strive to foster a team environment where quality is everyone's responsibility.

The goal of our quality system is to ensure that all our products and services completely satisfy our customers by consistently meeting or exceeding their requirements and expectations.

To achieve this, our quality assurance program utilizes a number of tools such as:

  • • Statistical Process Control (SPC) and charted CPKs to track critical Customer specifications and dimensions throughout the entire production process.

  • • XRF units for checking plating thicknesses are preprogramed with specific data for each individual part to help streamline the inspection process and provide data that is used for SPC.

  • • All lines are equipped with visions systems for real time monitoring of critical part dimensions and plating zones.

  • • Possehl Connector Service, Inc.’s ISO 9001 certified QMS is a critical element of every process.

  • • You can be assured that your project will exceed the industry‚Äôs highest standards for excellence.

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