Reel to Reel Plating Processes

Possehl Connector Services specializes in continuous reel to reel electroplating of stamped and pre-plated raw stock with nickel, nickel tungsten, gold, palladium, palladium-nickel, tin and tin lead alloys. Our state of the art plating lines coupled with experience and expertise in reel to reel stripe, spot and edge plating technologies result in precise precious metal selectivity that is unequaled in the electroplating industry.

Selective Spot Plating

Possehl Connector Services is the industry leader in the development of selective spot plating technology which offers the ultimate in precious metal savings and precise location of the required plating.

Spot Plating technology is offered by Possehl Connector Services for the application of Gold, Palladium Nickel, Tin, and Tin Lead on pre-stamped and formed parts as well as raw stock.

For more detail on Spot Plating follow this link.

Selective Stripe plating

Selective stripe plating is a cost effective way to reduce use of precious metals on stamped or pre-plated flat stock and apply plating only to the specified areas where it is needed.

In this process, part specific masking techniques and tooling are used to seal off areas where plating is not required. 

Stripe plating technology is offered by Possehl Connector Services for the application of Gold, Palladium, Palladium Nickel, Tin, Tin Lead, Nickel and Nickel Tungsten. 

At Possehl Connector Services, the tooling required for stripe plating of most parts is produced in our machine shop by experienced tool makers and is supplied as part of the processing cost of the material for most applications. 

All over plating

For applications that require all over plating of stamped or raw stock material, we offer Gold, Palladium, Palladium Nickel, Tin, Tin Lead, Nickel and Nickel Tungsten plating.

Pre-plated Flat Stock Material

Possehl Connector Services offers pre-plating of raw materials before the material is sent to the stamping and forming operations. In order to maximize precious metals savings, all of our plating technologies, including Selective Stripe Plating and Selective Spot plating, can be used in plating these types of material.

Engineered Plating solutions

Possehl Connector Services has designed, engineered and solved the most technologically challenging reel to reel plating applications in production today. Whether the issue is location, handling, distribution or appearance, we will work with you to develop a solution for your most difficult products.

Electropolishing / E-Polish

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that removes minor stamping burrs and other minor surface defects from the stamped parts prior to electroplating or other subsequent production processes. Possehl Connector Services offers electropolishing as part of the electroplating process or as a stand alone service to our customers.

Supplier of Stamped / Plated Parts

Possehl Connector Services has the ability working with our sister companies or select partners to provide our customers with stamped plated parts.  We coordinate and manage all purchases and production from the metal supplier to the stamper through plating.