Selective Spot Plating

Possehl Connector Services is the industry leader in the development of selective spot plating technology which offers the ultimate in precious metal.

Precious Metals Reduction

Spot Plating technology is offered by Possehl Connector Services for the application of precious metals including Gold and Palladium Nickel. 

Our process engineers develop a specialized set of tooling that will deliver the minimum required amount of precious metals to the specified area where it is needed on the plated part.

Selective Spot Plating of Tin and Tin Lead

For tin or tin lead plating applications, selective spot plating can be used where additional control is needed in the location of the plating of these metals. This is commonly used for applications where excessive tin or tin lead in areas where it is not needed causes issues in the over-molding or assembly operations of the finished connector or component.

Selective Spot Plating for pre-plated material

Spot plating of precious metals or tin can be used in the pre-plating of flat stock if the material contains pre-stamped pilot holes.  This process can offer significant savings in cases where the precious metals plating is required in severely formed or recessed areas on the finished parts.

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